Sustainable Stationery Goods Serving the Great Lakes Region

Relive the carefree days of your childhood summer on the Great Lakes with Byway Press' eco-friendly stationery. Our nostalgic designs will take you back to those warm summer days while our sustainable products make you feel good about your purchase.

At Byway Press, we believe in taking the scenic route, discovering the natural beauty of our world, and finding ourselves along the way. We embrace the highways, byways, and backroads of the Great Lakes region, each one leading to hidden gems, cherished memories, and a connection to something greater. Michigan boasts 23 state and national byways, providing endless opportunities to explore and connect with our environment and communities.

We understand that travel is not only about exploring our surroundings but also nurturing our mental wellness. That's why we're committed to supporting both causes through our eco-friendly stationery brand. As proud members of 1% For the Planet, we donate 5% of our annual profits to organizations that share our values of protecting the Great Lakes and promoting mental health. With Byway Press, you can explore, create, and give back to the environment and communities you love.

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