At Byway Press, we believe in creating sustainable stationery that inspires creativity and connection. Our passion for the Great Lakes region is evident in everything we do, from the eco-friendly materials we use to the drawings on our cards and stickers.

Our founder, Victoria, is a self-described wanderlust with a passion for drawing and a commitment to environmental and mental health causes. Her travels along the highways and byways of the Great Lakes region have inspired her to create stationery that captures the unique beauty of this area and encourages others to explore and appreciate it.

Our stationery is not just beautiful and functional; it's also eco-friendly. We believe in using sustainable materials and minimizing waste to create products that are both beautiful and responsible. We also donate 10% of our profits to organizations that support the environment and mental health causes in the Great Lakes region.

Our products are designed to be more than just stationery; they're a way to connect with others and with nature. Whether you're sending a postcard to a friend, decorating your journal with stickers, or sending a note to a loved one, our stationery is a reminder of the beauty of the Great Lakes and the importance of protecting it for future generations.

Join us on our journey to explore and appreciate the beauty of the Great Lakes region, one card or sticker at a time.

Meet the founder

Meet Victoria, the founder of Byway Press. A nature lover and creative at heart, Victoria's passion for the Great Lakes region is evident in everything she does. She grew up on the shores of Lake Huron, and her childhood trips to the beach helped her manage anxiety and OCD.

Today, Victoria uses her love of travel, camping, and the great outdoors as a form of anxiety relief and exposure therapy. She's traveled extensively throughout the Great Lakes region, exploring its many hidden gems and drawing inspiration from its breathtaking scenery. Her drawings have become the foundation of Byway Press's unique stationery line, which captures the beauty and essence of the Great Lakes region.

Victoria is committed to using her stationery line to promote environmental sustainability and mental health causes in the region. Byway Press donates a portion of its profits to organizations like NAMI and the Alliance for the Great Lakes, supporting mental health and environmental initiatives in the region.